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wedding photo booth

You press the red button, watch it count down and then grab the person next to you and make the most hilarious face ever. The image will then be displayed on the screen for all to admire. It's so easy even a kid and/or drunk person can operate it.

HOW MANY PICTURES CAN I TAKE? As many as you would like until you get kicked out!

WHAT CAN I DO IN THE BOOTH? Anything you want... anything. Which leads us to the next question....

CAN I DELETE AN IMAGE? No. ummm. sorry about that.

HOW MANY PEOPLE FIT INTO THE BOOTH? As many as you can cram! I think the current record is 15.

HOW DO I GET MY PICTURES? Check out your event the very next day by going to the online gallery!

CAN I STEAL YOUR COOL HAT/SUNGLASSES? You can try, but we will hunt you down before the end of the night.

WHERE CAN I FIND MORE CUSTOM PROPS? We have some pretty sweet stuff that we bring, but you can try party stores, etsy, ebay and amazon for some more gear.

CAN I CREATE MY OWN BACKDROP? Yes! If you are up to it we encourage you to have fun and make something unique to coordinate with your wedding/event theme. It has to be about 8' long and be sure to let us know.
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